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So, the sun hiding out turned out to be an ok thing this weekend. I don’t like sitting and painting in the basement when the it’s bright and sunny outside, but with the torrential rain of yesterday, i didn’t mind it at all. Really happy to have finished the triptych i had been working on. It’s a lotus in 3 stages. The Bud, The Blossom, and The Pod.

Lotus Bud

Lotus Bud


Lotus Seed Pod

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0 comments on “Recent Paintings
  1. caseytoussaint says:

    I love the expressions you’ve caught!

  2. caseytoussaint says:

    Nice sketches – I especially like the guitar player. You really caught his attitude.

  3. Raena says:

    Yikes! I saw that video! Great sketch!

  4. Sandra says:

    The significance of the lotus: birth, life and death. Well done.

  5. I love the bud the best! All those colors added in their makes it come alive! good work!

  6. Raena says:

    Wonderful triptych! The bud is awesome; love the colors!

  7. ffyrebird says:

    Terrific sketches, the colors are amazing!!

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