Happy Father’s Day

I live so far from my dad. He’s a really great guy. He really loves his family and does whatever it takes to be there for everyone. I miss him a bunch. He and my niece seem to get along really well. I love pictures of them together. I drew/painted this from a photo of them because I thought it was such a great picture. I can’t wait to see him in August. Happy Father’s Day Dad!

My dad and niece

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  1. Sandra says:

    Ahhh, such a sweet sketch. August is not far away.

  2. Alex Tan says:

    Nice illustration! I won’t be able to see my family until next year, and yes I’m 10,000miles away from home so I know how it feels to be far away from the loved ones.

  3. Raena says:

    Nice post to honor father’s day!

  4. Janene says:

    Good job on the sketch, there is a lot of motion in the figures, and the sketch is expressive as well. I am sure your father will feel honored.

  5. Dan says:

    Touching scene. I love the way your niece’s little foot is lifting, and the way she is holding on to his hand.

  6. Johanna says:

    Very sweet, I like the style very much, almost like something out of a kids book or even a comic book. Simple yet full of meaning and emotion. Well done.

  7. Awww, what a cute sketch. August isn’t too far away.

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