Faces, Figures, and Freaks…

A nice week in the Northwest finally!! Good weather and good moods abound. This week it was all about faces and figures, as well as some freaky drawings inspired by the shapes of clouds. Well, not too freaky, but a fun thing to do is just to quickly sketch the things you see in the clouds and then add details to add a little personality later. It had been a while since I picked up charcoal or conte crayon so it was fun to play with that one evening. Well, enjoy this weeks sketches.
The Whole Gallery Can Be Viewed Here

Katie Sleeping - Conte Crayon

Let's call her Ethel

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  1. hey, the new stuff looks awesome. i’m trying to figure out how to configurate my wordpress, it’s complicated for me. i’d like to meet up sometime and maybe you can give me a quick tutorial, i want my site to be simple, and i have stories piling up. give me a call sometime. peace.

  2. Alex Tan says:

    Really looks like a lot of fun there! Nice sketches with some interesting highlights and flowing lines =)

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