Observed from the road…

So, I’m cruising down the road and I look over and I see this scene drawn below. It cracked me up and I had some time before work and had to get it down. I think it paints the picture pretty well. Besides that I’ve just been doing a lot of basic drawing. Check out the rest of the week’s drawings here, and don’t forget to check out this week’s edition of The 4 Lines Project.

0 comments on “Observed from the road…
  1. nancy t says:

    Oh that’s hilarious! My niece once left a restroom with her skirt stuck in the top of her pantyhose …. and, she was wearing a thong! She didn’t know it until she sat down and the chair felt funny. Great drawing!! nancy

  2. wagonized says:

    Ouch. Great illustration of the situation, though.

  3. Megan Joy says:

    I feel bad for that woman, but it does make for a good story.

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