Wet and Rainy

As is the case with Portland fall and winter, the rain is just incessant. As a result lot’s of time inside with the kitties, and in coffee shops, bars, and experimenting with different media. Came across some liquid acrylics I had never used before. I got them for free with some purchase at Art Media a while back and never tried them out. They are really really neat. I never use acrylic, but I think I’ll start experimenting and add it to my repertoire. Added another entry to the 4 Lines Project and am working on the first finished painting for the project albeit, a bit slowly. Check it out, and thanks for stopping by.
This weeks full gallery.

I can't believe I never use acrylics... they're sweet.

0 comments on “Wet and Rainy
  1. I love to work with liquid acrylics. I mix them in abstract paintings with full body acrylics. This gives me flexibility and saves some time. I love the kittie sketches. Nicely done!

  2. Cathy says:

    I’ve got some but I haven’t used them yet either. Red’s my favourite colour and this is well red!

  3. quirkyartist says:

    Great warm colours. You can get such vibrant stuff happening with acrylics. Raining day after day here in Sdyney too, though it’s spring, nearly summer.

  4. sue says:

    WOW!!! Impressive Marco. Great sketches of Turtle. You really capture the movement (with so few lines) My sketches look elementry compared to yours ,and you just started drawing kitties. I realize they only clean an area for a minute or less ,so you have to be quick. Awsome sketching!

  5. Sherie says:

    Wonderful sketches! I haven’t sketched my kitty in awhile. But, he’s one of my best models.

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