People and Pets

I draw faces, a lot. People see this and they almost always ask who they are. They’re mostly nobody. Occasionally there’s a picture thrown in of someone on the MAX or in a bar or coffee-shop, a friend, or perhaps someone off the TV. Largely though, they’re probably just a conglomeration of people from my day. I see hundreds of people a week in my work and have to talk to them and be cheerful to them, and often, bits and pieces of them get stuck in my head, and they eventually end up in my sketchbook. I prefer to draw from life, but I have to use what I’ve got, and what I’ve got, is a lot of faces jumbled together in my mind.
This weeks gallery
The 4 Lines project

I like this brown paper

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  1. Vicky says:

    Hi Marco–
    I had a really nice time talking with you and looking at your sketchbook yesterday and today I took an enjoyable browse through your blog. You do so many things–and you do them so well–the brushwork, the cats, the portraits (both imaginary and real). I hope to see your children’s book at a future sketchcrawl. Also, I’m going to tell my friends Dee Dee and Barb to look out for you at Bagatti’s.

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