Canvas Art Bar

With the book covers completed, I finally have time to get back to some sketching and drawing for fun. I’ve been trying to get to the open modeling sessions around town lately, but the only one I can seem to make time for is the Monday night costumed model at The Canvas Art Bar on NW Upshur. This past week I was joined by a fellow urban sketcher, Vicki Porter, and we had a great model. She held really good confident poses, and that just makes drawing that much easier. I hope to get out more and check out some of the other open studio sessions around town, particularly the sessions at Hipbone Studios, but until then, I’ll keep sketching the folks here at The Canvas and on the trains and in the parks around town. Enjoy.

1st Pose, 15 minutes, pencil

30 minute pose, Pitt brush pen, Pentel brush pen

30 minute pose, pencil, Pentel brush pen, Pitt brush pen

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