Fleeting Moments

One of the challenges of being an artist, particularly one that regularly sketches people in public and animals wherever I may see them (mostly on my couch), is capturing a moment in time, a passing second, maybe slightly more. People rarely give you the opportunity to look at them in any one position for more than a moment, and animals doubly so. The things I sketch are almost constantly moving, twitching, scratching, shifting their weight, walking, or talking. I enjoy the challenge and am always pleased when I can capture a scene or a position in just a few fleeting moments.

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  1. Vicky says:

    Marco, these have a nice, loose feel to them. Really nice feline shapes. Those cats just want to be scratched. Very lovely, all of them. (I completely understand about everything moving. I keep trying to train my eye to take in more with each look. Hard to do.)

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