Figure Drawing

Spent another Wednesday evening at Hipbone Studios honing my figure drawing skills. It’s always great to see what other people are doing and try and glean some inspiration and technique from them. The model we were supposed to have tonight cancelled, but fortunately a model I had drawn before (Samantha) showed up and provided us with some great poses. I’m still getting used to using the soft media I use at the sessions. Drawing with chalk, charcoal, conté, and sanguine pencil is very different than the pen and watercolor I wield on the daily. I think I came away with a few successful drawings. I’ve signed up for the model marathon session which takes place on November 6. Should be a fun, yet long day.

Charcoal on Pastel Paper

Charcoal and Chalk on Pastel Paper

Conté, chalk, and sanguine pencil on butcher paper

Reclining pose detail

Reclining Pose, more detail

Charcoal, chalk, conté, and sanguine pencil on pastel paper

Charcoal, chalk, sanguine pencil, and conté on butcher paper

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