A Day At The Studio

Brown Ink on sketch paper

This past Sunday, Hipbone Studios had another one of their model marathon sessions. Nine models in nine hours including both male and female models involved in everything from quick gestures to full 50 minute poses. It’s always great to see the other artists depictions of the subject, their stylized approaches, 15 artists, 15 completely different ways of seeing the same thing. I spent the day using mostly charcoal, chalk, and conté. I used a little bit of pen, but I seldom use the dry media because most of what I do is just in a sketchbook, and charcoal and chalk just doesn’t sketchbook very well. I’m posting a couple of what I feel are my more successful sketches. I really need to work on my figures more and maybe take a more stylized approach sometimes. Perhaps when I can eventually take a class… I feel that would be extremely helpful. I enjoyed myself regardless of the successes and failures of my work and look forward to more time in the studio.

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  1. Andrew says:

    A nice mix. The tall skinny guy on the stool and the guy with the hat are great drawings.

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