A New Book, Urban Sketching, and more of the usual

I was recently awarded another contract with Dragonfly publishing to begin work illustrating another Children’s book. This one is about the tooth fairy and will be out this fall. Look for it on Amazon, just in time for the holidays. It’s exciting news and the story allows me a lot of artistic liberties, so I’m really looking forward to getting to work on the preliminary sketches, character development, etc… Look for updates periodically and be sure to check out my last book, “What Kind of Turtle Am I?”, available now.

As usual, I’ve been spending my free time sketching around town, revisiting old sketches, and lounging on the couch while Katie sleeps nearby. I went back in and added some color to a few sketches that I thought could use it, and am happy with the results. I’ve been taking the bus a lot lately, so the bus people have been subject to my sketching whims and as usual Katie sleeping next to me is the favorite subject for my late night activities.

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    Some excellent stuff.

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