Down, But Not Out

A few weeks ago, I suffered an ankle injury putting a bit of a damper on my marathon/ half marathon training, but I have since made a lot of progress. I was able to compete (maybe not compete) but finish the Rock ‘N’ Roll Half marathon this past Sunday, despite not running for three weeks. Go me! Anyway, during my hiatus from running I still went to our Portland fit meet ups and was able to get in some sketches while the group ran and went about their business. I had been wanting to sketch this church for some time and popped it off while they were out on a 10 mile jaunt. It’s a cool building and might hit it again from a different angle some day.

Ink, gouache and watercolor in Moleskine watercolor sketchbook

I also spent a few minutes doing rough sketches while they went about their post run sketching routine. The spatters were there pre-sketch, and the colors were added at home later.

Ink and watercolor in Moleskine watercolor sketch book

One comment on “Down, But Not Out
  1. deb says:

    Great color on the church and Fremont Bridge Marco. And the figures are so fun!

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