A lot of life is spent waiting around, waiting in lines, waiting for work to start, waiting in airports, waiting for buses, waiting in offices, waiting on trains… you get the picture. It’s nice to have something to occupy the time, which is where sketching comes in handy. Everyone has smart phones and gadgets now, but I never feel productive if I’m idly tapping away at a screen, or even just reading a book. Maybe I’m restless, I don’t know, but I always like to be busy with something productive, something that will leave a record of time passed. Sketching, making little pictures, doodling, observing, and recording fills that space for me, and stands as an account of a place and moment in time not idly spent.

One comment on “Waiting
  1. Megan Joy says:

    Wonderful! I always feel cheated if I have forgotten my sketchbook when I am just waiting. It makes me think a little of Dr. Seuss- It may be fun to collage some of the “waiting” pictures together. Thanks for sharing!

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