Izzy's Crossing Behind The Scenes

Izzy's Crossing Behind The Scenes

“Izzy’s Crossing” took approximately 6 months of on again, off again production and illustration work to complete before being sent off to the publisher. This includes research, collection of reference materials, character design, sketches, thumbnails, comps, final drawings, and paintings. I thought it’d be fun to post some of the sketches from the planning stages as well as the actual cover concept art that, for whatever reason, wasn’t utilized. I actually have a whole sketchbook full of sketches, character designs, and concepts as well as an extensive file of swampland and animal pictures on my computer I constantly use for reference. It’s quite the process, but it’s all worth it in the end! Enjoy!

Here’s a link for places to purchase the book.

3 comments on “Izzy's Crossing Behind The Scenes
  1. umarsaeed170 says:

    It is an amazing and beautiful art work. You have illustrated this work very well. In my opinion all arts must be illustrated so that the interest can be developed in those people who have no or limited interest in art work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. jaidi91 says:

    This incredible post pushes me to stop by and comment. I really loved that amazing artistic drawings. I would love to ask you to put that incredible drawing for sale. Thanks for sharing some really great sketches here.

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